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  1. 45th Annual African American Heritage Parade and Festival
  2. What happened on Clinton Place?
  3. Push for Peace @ Essex Co College
  4. First Illegal Gunslinger to Snitch Gets Amnesty!
  5. The Tenant from Hell
  6. Anthony Clark, Former Newark official sentenced in extortion scheme
  7. Newark's new top cop addresses critics
  8. Ex-Newark Cop Collapses, Dies in Gym
  9. Citizens Alert – Distribute Widely!
  10. Youth Advocate Chosen to Administer Facebook Grant to NPS
  11. Booker on his Political Future: Maybe Senate, Maybe Gov
  12. LinkedIn, Groupon, Facebook = The Next Wall St Bubble?
  13. Fundraiser for Non-Profit Helping Children With Epilepsy
  14. Newark Anti Violence Demostration
  15. Towns and Cities are Selling Municipal Treasures to Pay the Bills
  16. Christie to Working Poor Who Seek Medical Care: Drop Dead
  17. Retired Morris County Police Officer is Shot by Newark Robbery Suspect!!!
  18. N.J. Liberty WNBA Basketball Team
  19. Newark council freezes municipal spending until Mayor Cory Booker proposes budget
  20. Plainfield Gang Members say's Enough Is Enough
  21. Wonder how many from Newark were polled
  22. The End Of The World Happens 5:59 Tomorrow, Saturday May 21, 2011
  23. The Ugly Truth!
  24. Follow the $$$$
  25. In Newark, no budget plan, but outlook is just slightly less gloomy than last year
  26. Gymnastics?
  27. Political Wisdom from the Observers of Griftopia
  28. Hugs for thugs? What was Plainfield mayor thinking?
  29. Murdered Newarker, Yale Grad Robert Peace: RIP
  30. Please Be Safe Riding Motorcycles This Summer!!!
  31. Oprah Ends Twenty-Five Years On Television
  32. Abbott Funding Mandate -- $46.9 Million -- To Exceed Zuckerberg's Gift
  33. More Trouble For Sharpe James
  34. Centennial commemoration famous Seated Lincoln statue.
  35. Newark police officer shot
  36. Off-duty Newark Police officer killed in Newark shooting
  37. Movie Executives Scout Newark for Next Batman Movie
  38. OT: Legendary Poet And Musician Gil Scott-Heron Passes Away
  39. 24-year-old man is killed in early morning Newark shooting
  40. (STK) Productions performing at Festival
  41. What's New At The Essex County Prosecutor's Office?
  42. Cool Stay-cation!
  43. National: I could go for a Republican just about now...
  44. The Renaissance Turned 25 This Month.
  45. More Violence and Murder in the City
  46. Can Sharpe James Be Elected Mayor Of Newark Again?
  47. Here Is What Newark Has Become
  48. Police investigate Newark shooting one day after three city murders
  49. Community Memorial 5/31/2011
  50. OT-For Ex-Officer’s Wife, Anger at His Accuser and Tears at an Upended Life
  51. Beginning Tonight,(May 30th) There Will Be More Police On The Streets Of Newark
  52. Anti Gun Group Concerned About Christie's Supreme Court Pick
  53. Funeral Set for Slain Newark Police Officer
  54. WOW, guess Jersey isnt broke after all....
  55. The Double Dippers
  56. Newark Forms Safe City Task Force
  57. The Obama Administration Investigating The Newark Police Department
  58. Atlantic City Union helps members apply for food stamps..
  59. "Is God Mad At Newark?" No, just dumb pastors
  60. Drug Crew Arrests
  61. Half of Last Month's Jobs Came From McDonald's
  62. Newark Mayor Cory Booker calls for action from residents to reduce city's crime
  63. Overnight Shootings in Newark end with 18-year-old Dead
  64. Christie's Verbal Bullying Of Women
  65. Shootout, chase between cars, leads to collision, killing one
  66. Cory Booker: The mayor Oprah calls a ‘genius' - The Globe and Mail
  67. Today is 6/6/2011 Does the Big Trial Start Today
  68. OT: D-Day, June 6, 1944
  69. New Jersey State Workers Tell The State "See Ya, I'm Out"
  70. OT: My Perception - Implementing This Would Propel Newark's Students to STATE's BEST
  71. Coming: The 'Rent-A-Center' Newark Penn Sta/The 'Schlitz Malt Liquor' Broad St Sta
  72. OT: Chi-Town puts McCarthy through the paces
  73. 'Toxic Persons' and Newark
  74. Newark Mayor Cory Booker may run for U.S. Senate
  75. Gov. Christie To Unveil Public-Private School Partnership Plan
  76. Booker Flunkies: Time to Update Your Resumes
  77. Chris Christie and the Road to Cerfdom
  78. Tape of NPD Officers Behaving Unprofessionally
  79. OT: Matt Drudge's disgusting race war awareness campaign
  80. War on Drugs: Dismal failure
  81. Foreclosure Workshops for Home Owners and Tenants
  82. Excuse Me
  83. Christie butters the Adubato buns in NJN deal
  84. Test
  85. How About a Fines Lottery for Scofflaws
  86. Murder inside Woodland Cemetery
  87. Suze Orman is going to make Newark debt free.
  88. Again, I Say DYFS Failed This Child
  89. Bloggers/Posters Beware or Be Held Accountable
  90. What a great 4 years old graduation service
  91. What Has Happened To Barringer High School?
  92. Now I Ask You, Who Would Do Such A Thing?
  93. Here's another Positive Story comming out of Newark NJ
  94. Newark introduces court program to offer community service for minor offenses
  95. Big GospelFest Concert at the Rock
  96. Joe D hits bench
  97. investigation of MUA
  98. To All Fathers (and mothers who do double duty)
  99. Furloughs to Shutdown Newark Libraries
  100. NPD Officers Condone Violence?
  101. This Thread is for Positive Stories only by Manchild
  102. Why Would A Mom Send Her Son To The Store In Newark At 10:30 pm?
  103. Essex Count Homicide Task Force
  104. Congratulations Principal/Councilman Baraka
  105. Cory Booker Lied: Cory Booker's claim about the ACLU and Newark police investigation
  106. Newark Violence Continues
  107. Billionaire Hedge-Fund Founders Eye NJ. Schools
  108. NJ Passes Big Benefits Cuts: Christie Crows to NYT
  109. Newark Fights Over $100 Million Facebook Donation For Schools
  110. It is always about the money!
  111. Municipal Council Speaks Out on Newark Public School Reform
  112. Gov. Christie restricts amount of money Democrats can spend in budget proposal
  113. sold out
  114. And here is the final death roll of NJ middle class.....
  115. One step closer to equality
  116. Memorial/Rally held on South Orange ave and 9th street earlier today
  117. Sunday Shootings Wound Three Men
  118. 2011 Budget
  119. New ACLU report on police use of CIs is out
  120. I'm Close to Giving Up
  121. Newark West End Community Fights to Keep former Boys & Girls Club a Recreation Zone
  122. Summer Planetarium Shows
  123. Very Deadly June in Newark
  124. Christie: "No chance" of wage increases
  125. Is anyone else noticing a pattern?
  126. Central High students Prove all the distractors wrong!!
  127. DNA collection - call your Assemblymember this morning, please
  128. Foundation supporting school choice donates $3.6M to Newark schools
  129. Cabbie Shot and Killed in Newark's Ironbound
  130. Chris Hanson caught on tape Opps
  131. How Insane Is This????
  132. Bad Predictons For Young Men Of Color
  133. Politifact Check on DeMaio
  134. Newark Firetruck Hit by Gunfire
  135. DSK Released from Jail
  136. Isn't This Dirt Cheap for a City Apartment Building?
  137. Man fatally shot in Newark's first homicide of the month
  138. Christie Cuts State Budget
  139. Have a Happy 4th of July
  140. ACLU wants residents' help in Newark police investigation
  141. More waste and Nepotism under the Booker administration!!
  142. Four shot, three killed, in three unrelated shootings in Newark
  143. The Darker the Berry, the Longer the Jail Time...
  144. OT: Casey Anthony - Justice Denied, Folks
  145. Systematic Cheating Is Found in Atlanta’s School System
  146. With Help From Others, Newark Is Building for Business
  147. passing this along
  148. Here we go again....Newark Mayor Cory Booker seeks ways to close $45M budget gap
  149. Baraka Has A Point
  150. Stop the Violence Little League Baseball Game
  151. Self-Described 'Prisoner Of Hope' Fights Violence : NPR
  152. Who is Kevin Taylor??????
  153. Override Of Vetos Coming Christie's Way
  154. Parents turn their own kids in to Police
  155. Black Unemployment Is At A Crisis Level
  156. Zuckerberg Discusses Newark School Reform with Christie and Booker
  157. Crime in Camden Up since Police Layoffs
  158. NJ Democrats turning on Booker?
  159. Shootings in downtown Newark leave four injured
  160. One person was killed and 12 others wounded in three separate, unrelated shootings
  161. Stefan Pryor's History May Catch Up with Him
  162. Mayor's Radio Show this Thursday
  163. Hey Sammy Demaio!!
  164. Privitization of "Educational Leadership" Has Hit New Jersey!!
  165. Booker On CNN Talking About National Debt Not Newark Murders SMH
  166. Booker On CNN Speaking About National Debt Not Murders In Newark SMH
  167. Off-Duty Newark Cop Carjacked, Injured
  168. Not Implicated, But Chief Of Staff Steps Down
  169. Man is Killed in Newark's Third Shooting in Four Days
  170. OT: African American men live longer in prison than out
  171. Are you in debt?
  172. Liberty Attendance Down in First Season at Prudential Center
  173. Mayor Bloomberg Bankrolls Initiatives in Five Cities
  174. With More than 200 People Shot this Year, Newarkers Say Crime is Getting Worse
  175. How many officer's have retired after the 167 were laid off?
  176. I Guess There Wasn't Enough Future Revenue In The Plans, So He Jetted
  177. J-Lo and Mark A calling it Splitsville
  178. Plans for Newark charter school abandoned, after more than $1.5M is spent
  179. Newark's Gun Violence puts Booker in the Loser Column
  180. Man fatally shot in Newark's West Ward
  181. Newark public schools to remain under state control indefinitely despite improvements
  182. Newark's struggle against violence
  183. Baxter Terrace
  184. The NPS Test Cheating Scandal Begins (Good Morning, Abington Ave)
  185. Booker's Report on Innovations for Improving the Quality of Life for Newarkers
  186. Is NewarkSpeaks DEAD?
  187. Roberto Lima Case - First Amendment win!
  188. Look At The Guns Off The Streets Of Newark
  189. Chris Christie Targeted By New Advocacy Group
  190. Booker Blasts Council for Not Introducing A Budget
  191. hey 5 I don't see Central on the investigation list but I do see the Robert Treat
  192. Booker Vetos Armed Security Guards At Late -Night Eateries
  193. Joel Klein
  194. Woman is fatally shot in Newark's South Ward
  195. Newark police officer delivers baby at Central Ward McDonald's
  196. NJIT, Newark Alliance Others To Receive $388K each to Match Workers to Growth Jobs
  197. Politifact.com: TRUE - 400 Individual Americans Have MORE Wealth than 150 MILLION
  198. Day of Outrage Today starts @ 3:p.m.
  199. Westwardpatch.com
  200. Newark Police Warn Drug Dealers, Prostitutes of Planned Crackdown
  201. More games with comstat
  202. 108° in the Shade!
  203. Amy WineHouse found Dead
  204. The Love Mayor: Robert Bowser of East Orange being sued!
  205. Whitlow: City Hall to Receive Raises a/k/a "Longevity" Pay
  206. Star-Ledger article on Booker, interviewing residents
  207. Booker Weighs in on National Debt Level on Meet the Press
  208. Do you know anyone that can Sing ,Dance, etc
  209. Now, this is a principal talking...
  210. Chris Christie Sued Over Communication With Roger Ailes
  211. Amira Baraka slapped in the mouth by a woman Yesterday!
  212. President Obama Speaking Tonight
  213. Wealth gap widens between Whites and Blacks, Hows that Black President thing going?
  214. Can the DOJ Correct the NPD?
  215. Newark Police: Prostitution Will Not Be Tolerated
  216. Political Lovefest for Tax Credits
  217. Press Conference July 28th 12 Noon
  218. Newark 50 homeless initiative is a joke.
  219. Newark: Teacher Swap Quashed
  220. Governor taken to hospital
  221. Roas Parks Essay Reveals Attempted Rape
  222. Why Americans Are So Angry
  223. The Interrupters
  224. DiVincenzo- Christie-connected Private Jail Only Bidder for State Contract
  225. President Obama's Job Approval Rating Drops to Just 40 Percent
  226. Shooting Maple & Chancellor Avenue?
  227. Essex County Corrections Officer Shot Dead on Halsey Street
  228. Newark Police Officer Fires Rounds in Attempted Carjacking
  229. Debt Ceiling Deal: The GOP Gets Its Way
  230. The Cory Crime Scam Continues
  231. The Auditor: New Police Director
  232. Be Safe in the City of Newark People
  233. Will the state control end?
  234. Election fraud
  235. Have Guns Will Travel
  236. Newark's violence points to cop layoffs, breakdown in values
  237. Irvington Man Shot and Killed in Newark's Central Ward
  238. Armed Thugs From Newark Commit Crimes In Hillside
  239. Does anyone know where the National Night out events are being held in Newarks Wards
  240. Have You Seen This Man?
  241. An Ineffective Police Director Will Be Confirmed SMH
  242. Booker's Tweet of Revelation
  243. Has any of the shooters or Murders been caught Lately
  244. N.J. Must Take Stand Against Rising City Violence
  245. Newark has Unspent Millions in Streetscape Funding
  246. First Female To Head NPD
  247. Land Matters More To Christie Than People
  248. Newark Council Introduces 2011 Budget Property Taxes Will Rise
  249. OT: NY, Mayor Bloomberg to Fund $130M to Rescue Black, Latino Youth
  250. Rally at 4: pm on the steps of City Hall