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  1. Did anybody read the article in LocalTalk page 2
  2. OT: Dow Celebrates Obama's 50th with Record Breaking Drop
  3. Good Riddance To The Cameo Theater
  4. Corzine might buy himself a job in the White House
  5. Police Seize Weapon From Newark Teen
  6. MSNBC Host Gives Christie a Standing Ovation
  7. 31 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan
  8. A Decade of Lost Children
  9. OT: China wants one-world currency
  10. Star Ledger Cartoon
  12. OT: Philadelphia Bus Shooting takes things to a "New Level"
  13. Understanding The National Debt
  14. Newark Sets Up Office of Film and Television
  15. At Last,Help For The People Of East Africa
  16. White Kids Gone Bad
  17. White Kids Gone Bad
  18. Newark Public Library: Aug & Sept Furloughs Canceled
  19. Gil Nobel Needs your Prayers
  20. People Looting in London
  21. Philly Mayor Speaks out Boldly
  22. Branford Place in Newark has Become New Drug Hot Spot
  23. Thanks Newarkspeaks!
  24. The newest NEGRO by Ras Baraka
  25. Just Information
  26. Protect Newark’s most valuable asset.
  27. The Killing Cycle: Inside story of the Essex County homicide squad
  28. A Slow Start for CoryPAC
  29. Special for Miss Tam-Tam
  30. DOJ
  31. Congress Pushing Internet Snooping Bill
  32. NPD To Receive Federal Money
  33. Congressional Black Caucus Sponsors Five-City Jobs Fair
  34. "This Stuff Doesn't Happen Here"
  35. Flash Mobs
  36. 1 in 5 American Children Now Live in Poverty
  37. Federal Monitors / Newark Police
  38. Why This Nivea For Men Ad Is “Uncivilized”
  39. Suitable for Framing
  40. The News That Pissed Me Off
  41. Two Men Fatally Shot in Separate Incidents
  42. 2 die in car crash in Newark after fleeing state police on Garden State Parkway
  43. Only neighborly to be concerned about mayor's property
  44. In Forest Hill, they’re willing to pay for someone to watch over them
  45. Bloody weekend continues
  46. Newark Toy Gun Buy Back
  47. Singer/Songwriter Nick Ashford Dead At 70
  48. Finding out about unlisted properties
  49. ACLU suing Newark over transparency in Facebook founder's $100M donation to city
  50. ACLU-NJ Sues Newark Over FB $$ Info
  51. the social media mayor
  52. Newark had an Earthquake today?
  53. "A Dream Anew" Newark's Mayor Speaks in the Huff Post
  54. Sorry for my Absence folks...
  55. He Called Them What? They Might As Well Have Called Them N*ggers!
  56. Booker Warns Newark Residents To Beware
  57. I'm jealous. We Need an Irvington Speaks!!!!!
  58. Booker's Next Post Could Be . . . Newark Mayor
  59. Anger Lingers After 'Provisionals" With Ties to Booker Survive Jobs Purge
  60. Two more dead
  61. Braun: Great expectations aside, McGovern's pub in Newark still a hub
  62. FB Donation Coverage on CBS
  63. Wilson ave School may be closed
  64. Q&A on FB transparency issue
  65. Two fatally shot
  66. Three teens shot in Newark's West Ward
  67. A Moment in the Sun, and the Rain
  68. 24 People Shot In 24 Hours
  69. OT: Post Office Deficit Crisis
  70. Are You Still Employed?
  71. Newark's deputy mayor leaving
  72. OT: Lisa Jackson Rumored to be Leaving Obama Administration
  73. The Democratic Dilemma
  74. How the ULTRA Rich view Poverty and Socioeconomics
  75. Christie agreed to help Oliver remain in power
  76. Beverly Hall, Former Atlanta Schools Chief, Defends Actions
  77. More Corporate Welfare: Christie and "Christiecrat" Sweeney in Atlantic City
  78. Salahuddin corruption trial begins
  79. Audio: Chris Christie Lets Loose at Secret Koch Brothers Confab
  80. Booker on WBGO
  81. NJ DEVILS DEFAULT ON $100 million dollar loan
  82. Raidsonline.com Offers Free Crime Mapping in Linden; Newark Should Follow
  83. Crime!!!
  84. judgment today on President Obama
  85. Handicapping the 2013 Field (for Governor)
  86. One in 6 People
  87. jobs being replaced by technology advancement.......!
  88. Joan Whitlow: For Newark It's About Jobs
  89. OT - Sarah Palin and Miami Heat’s Glen Rice had a one-night tryst
  90. Attica Is All Of US - Cornel West
  91. OT: Coming to Newark accidents everywhere...
  92. Residents win in Newark City Hall hearing
  93. Remember the Hoboken Mayor Ron Rice Jr. Endorsed?
  94. Why Newark Deputy Mayor Margarita Muniz and School Principal Hate Rafael Brito
  95. Althea Gibson Tennis Center
  96. How's Sammy doing?
  97. Reduce Newark employment: Bring in the jobs, hire the residents
  98. Booker's nonprofit charity remains go-to marketplace for city contr
  99. Once-promising charter schools go off course
  100. OT: Elizabeth Board of Ed. president arrested
  101. Reduce Newark unemployment: Bring in the jobs, hire the residents
  102. Mayweather's Cheap Sucker Punch
  104. Constituent Services No More???
  105. Troy Davis Set To Be executed Tomorrow
  106. OT: $82 Million in Welfare for Pearson Education to MOVE JOBS OUT OF STATE!
  107. Newark receives $32M state loan, agrees to allow state official to oversee hiring
  108. Newark Police abused it's power by investigating a fax critical of the Director!
  109. Angry East Ward Residents March on City Hall
  110. Poverty an invisible issue in GOP race
  111. Two people wounded in double shooting in Newark's West Ward
  112. Lucious Did I hear you right?
  113. Anger at NJ-PAC: Booker rips press over Christie queries at ceremony
  114. Man wounded in stabbing in downtown Newark
  115. Feds arrest former N.J. Nets player Tate George on charges he ran a Ponzi scheme
  116. New Planetarium Shows
  117. Newark's Most Famous Scam Artist, Mark Newton, Gets Innocent Newarker Arrested Twice
  118. NPD IA Info
  119. OT: Sly Stone Homeless and Living in Van
  120. The Youngest Person Executed in the United States in the 20th Century
  121. Cory Booker Loses Weight, Gets Fashionable For Menswear Magazine
  122. Report: Newarkers Among New Jersey's Poorest - South Ward, NJ Patch
  123. OT: Obama to Black People "Stop Complaining"
  124. OT: It Took Years to Get an MLK Stamp & Now...Charlie Sheen "Winning" Stamps?
  125. OT: Luck of the Obama Strikes Again: Herman Cain Leads
  126. The End of Catholic and Parochial Schools as We Know Them!!!
  127. Izenberg: Mets blocked Yankees from bringing minor league team to Newark for a season
  128. What Newark schools are doing with $100 million gift
  129. Booker 8pm on NEWS 12
  130. Newark Tax Increase
  131. Newark Will ReHire 25 Police Officers
  132. Please Welcome President Christie :eek::eek::eek:
  133. Neighborhood Services Director Resign Under Scandal?
  134. Booker employee List of indicted, resigned, and re-located
  135. Newark's Cory Booker: Is he more myth than mayor?
  136. Ex-Newark resident takes battle world wide.
  137. A Chris Christie run will not settle much of anything for New Jersey
  138. Serious Question: Will Obama bow out?
  139. Is It (Somewhat) Hypocritical Chastising Perry's N_gg_rhead Resort When...
  140. Booker fundraiser
  141. On behalf of the Newark Water Group
  142. A Message Becomes A Movement
  143. New Newark Website!
  144. Undercover Newark Officer Contact With Alleged Prostitute Forces REVIEW
  145. Accused Newark cop killer walks out of jail after bail is lowered
  146. U.S. Circuit Court: Newark's Residency Requirement Takes Jobs from Whites; Unfair
  147. Former Newark WIC worker pleads guilty to stealing close to $1M from program
  148. Damascus Bakery Pays $3.5M for Newark Headquarters
  149. MSNBC: What are Newark schools doing with $100M Facebook gift
  150. New Video from theNewarkcitizen.com
  153. Six Shot in Newark's North Ward
  154. Humane Society Event at Cipriani Raises Over $1 MIllion
  155. Cory Booker is Number One
  156. Six People Shot In Newark
  157. Beijing intervenes to help stabilise banks
  158. Residents Question Newark, NJ High Marks for Senior Living
  159. OT: Goya Gets $82mm Tax Credit
  160. OT: A Plan to End the Great Recession
  161. Newark Parents Pushed Out of Decision-Making
  162. Newark's Future? Pennsy Capital, Harrisburg, Seeks Bankruptcy
  163. Jury begins deliberations in corruption trial of ex-Newark deputy mayor
  164. OT: Another Fast Food Beatdown
  165. What Are People Doing With Machine Guns In Newark?
  166. Fred Shuttlesworth
  167. OT: In the Age of Obama, A 'New Confederacy' Rises
  168. Los Angeles: 3,000 Wait in Line for Free Medical Care
  169. Trenton Cops Removed From Foot Patrol Because Of Threats From Gang Members
  170. CB Fundraisers roll on...
  171. Is the gun detection system worth having
  172. Cory Booker on concealed gun legislation
  173. Rutgers-Newark Chancellor announces he will resign at end of semester
  174. Bon Jovi opens a SOUL Kitchen
  175. After 42 Years In Reign,Moammar Gadhafi Is Dead
  176. Broke, Roselle Explores Selling Its Borough Hall
  177. OT: Reflections on the Viki Knox case
  178. The Time Has Come
  179. Hedge fund manager readies for battle with NJEA to reform NJ schools
  180. Translation: They aint shooting at me!!
  181. New Show on theNewarkcitizen.com
  182. Minor gets 2 years in jail
  183. Back Home, a Mayor’s Sparkle Has Begun to Dim
  184. Paul Bergrin Murder Trial
  185. Update on Facebook Money Transparency Issue
  186. If Booker's Chief of Staff is a Housing Commissioner, Is This His (Booker's) Fault
  187. Newark Students Attack Student On Newark Street
  188. Should Sharpe James Get A New Trial?
  189. A Newark Police Officer's Story On TVOne
  190. Groups linked to Booker, Cerf receive nearly 1/3 of $13M of Facebook cas
  191. A third of FB money has gone to Booker/Cerf affiliates
  194. Downtown Chaos for Batman!!! Really Cory?
  195. R.I.P. Delano Gordon...A Hero to All
  196. Occupy Newark (or "Holy Sh*t, Batman!")
  197. Orange firefighter among 17 arrested in drug bust
  198. Newark teenage mother shot dead on front porch was not intended target
  199. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie declared a state of emergency during October Storm
  200. OT: Jon Corzine's MF Global files for Bankruptcy, Europe Crisis Cited
  201. N.J. residents feel safer in Manhattan than in major N.J. cities, poll finds
  202. Rally to support Speaker Oliver
  203. OT: What's the most hated Halloween candy?
  204. Newark Murder And Violence
  205. I Need You Help
  206. NYT Profile on Greg Taylor, head of FNF
  207. Booker Wants National Political Convention in 2016
  208. OT: Political Quote of the Year
  209. Can my Connect from the County...
  210. Swastika found behind School irvington School Whiteboard!
  211. Should He Be Fired For His Comments? Are They True???
  212. OT: Joe Frazier, former heavyweight champion, is in last stages of liver cancer
  213. Home not alone: Booker's parents move to Newark
  214. A 15-Year- Old Caused His Own Death
  216. Why should Gov. Christie care...
  217. New York City's Homeless Tops 40,000
  218. More EDA Tax Credits
  219. The Progressive Movement and Labor...
  220. Newark councilman Ron Rice to run for U.S. Congress
  221. Newark Celebrating 175th Anniversary of Incorporation
  222. Paula Dow Looking to Be a Judge
  223. Cory Booker on Gayle King
  224. Museum Shopping Spree
  225. OT: Why My Father? J Sharpe James Has a Point
  226. New Show on TheNewarkCitizen.com
  227. An Electronic Parts Seller has the rights to Newark.com
  228. South Ward Police Station Set For Official Opening
  229. Bullet Hits White House Window....
  230. Who Does an Accelerated Tax Sale Benefit
  231. Local Community Activist Carjacked!!!!
  232. Christie Makes Newark Poster Child for School Reform - Inaccurately
  233. Shaq In Talks To Bring NBA Team To Newark
  234. 40-year-old Carmel Towers Loses Federal Subsidy, NHA Scrambles
  235. What is Going on With UMDNJ???
  236. Occupy Newark!
  237. Authorities investigating 4 unrelated Newark homicides
  238. Cory Bashes Newark Police yet again
  239. Apparently public information isn’t meant to be public in the state’s largest city.
  240. 1/3 of US Astride Poverty Line -- Analysis Places Poor Population at 100M
  241. Trash-strewn Lots Transformed to Pretty Parks Quells Gun Violence Study Shows
  242. Happy Thanksgiving
  243. Lee Evans Acquitted of all charges
  244. Paul Bergin, jury hung- Doofus what do you think about this case
  245. Cami Says No Bread or Water for you!!!!
  246. A Happy Thanksgiving Dinner For The People Of Newark:
  247. Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Gov. Chris Christie's honeymoon over?
  248. Murder Murder, Murder, Murder, Murder, Murder, Murder!
  249. Drive-by Shooting in Reverse - Motorist Injured During Afternoon Rush in North Ward
  250. As Public Sector Sheds Jobs, Blacks Are Hit Hardest