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  1. Occupy Newark
  2. ACLU-NPD Dialogue
  3. $4 million Statewide Dollars from Chase to Help Clean up Housing Mess
  4. Rising Crime. Minimum Staffing for NPD? Newark Can't Afford It
  5. Newark tax ad blunder costs city $72K, sparks panic and outrage among residents
  6. Sewer Fees for Apartment Residents; A New Source of City Income?
  7. OT: Herman Cain
  8. Newark police officer steals car from drunk driver, smashes into wife's car
  9. American Legion Post #152 Wreath Laying Ceremony
  10. 60 Minutes: Familes Living in Cars
  11. Donations Bring Newark New World-Class Police HQ: Mayoral Celebrity Has Its Benefits
  12. Former Newark Deputy Mayor Faiella Drunk Driving in a Union County Car
  13. OT: LG Expands in Englewood Cliffs, NJ *WITHOUT* Corporate Welfare
  14. Rhee-sons to be Fearful: Why School Choice Fails!
  16. Newark City Council meeting postponed due to absence of 5 council members
  17. Man killed in Newark Central Ward shooting
  18. OT: Treason Is the Charge!
  19. Newark School Driver Shot with Children on Board
  20. I need my County contact...
  21. When the Mayor's Away...
  22. The Updated Murder count...
  23. OT: Bravo Rahway City Council.
  24. $251M and 12 Acres: Bill To Clear Way for New Prudential Tower in Newark
  25. Attorney General Paula Dow to take position at Port Authority after stepping down
  26. Richard Whitten pleads guilty? who even knew he had a problem
  27. Newark Receiving Billions From N.Y.C. Taxpayers
  28. Those Little Town Blues Are Melting Away... Newark! Newark!
  29. State takes control of Trenton hiring authority
  30. Lets compare FACTS
  31. Transitional Aid
  32. Newark School Teacher Arrested On Child Pornography Charges
  33. Paula Dow wants to be a Judge?.....Hold Up.
  34. New Jersey's Department of Education Strikes Again, Against the Kids!!!
  35. NPR story about Newark downtown
  36. Newark's child poverty rate spikes 32 percent in 2009-10
  37. New Jersey Schools Are Dangerous And Violent
  38. Senator Codey May Run for Governor
  39. New Video from theNewarkcitizen.com
  40. DiVincenzo's car rammed in Cedar Grove
  41. OT: Cesaria Evora, the "Barefoot Diva" Dies
  42. Anyone See Cory Booker Interview on Ch 7's Here & Now?
  43. What Are Your Views About The Ending Of The War In Iraq?
  44. Elizabeth man killed in Newark shooting
  45. Kim Jong Il Bites the Dust
  46. Massachusetts Runaway Teens Found Near Occupy Newark
  47. Newark Schools To Replace State's HSPA Test with ACT
  48. Low-Wage Workers Rally in Newark, Strike May Follow
  49. Kudos to Mayor Booker and his team for the Christmas giveaway @ JFK
  50. Who Accepts My Challenge???
  51. Wasteful Government Spending
  52. Receipts at the Rock Rate It #10 Grossing Venue Nationwide
  53. Newark to Vote on Increasing Police Department
  54. Another of "Newark's Finest" Faces Jury Verdict
  55. Why is a black city celebrating a Jewish holiday?
  56. Kudos to Street Dr. and his Team....
  57. Air Jordans cause shopping frenzy across US - YouTube
  58. Special Report: Black and Blue
  59. Occupy The Heart
  60. Values And Savings Are Just A Click Away
  61. NPD officer shot someone?
  62. Instead of handing out COATS folks need to take care of BUSINESS!
  63. Coming Jan 1: Highway Robbery
  64. Facing a shortfall, can Newark afford these raises?
  65. A Two year old Killed!! are you f*cking animals serious??
  66. City has not paid employee health insurance policy
  67. Newark teen dies after car crash, shootout with off-duty police officer
  68. 2012 New Jersey Resolutions
  69. Oversight of Newark Finances Expanded
  70. ‎8 carjackings in Newark since 8pm NYE
  71. In N.J., from cities to suburbs, 2011 marked by bizarre slayings
  72. Happy New Year!
  73. If the Election Were Today Who Would Be Returned To Office
  74. CrownHeights.info » Picture of Day: Cory Booker Dances with Orphans
  75. Carjacking in New Jersey
  76. test thread
  77. Brick City Development Corporation Designated as Financial Institution
  78. Deputy mayor’s roots in Newark run deep | NJJN
  79. Newark City Council issues rebuke for racial slurs
  80. How do we stop the violence that is killing Newark's children?
  81. Toddlers: Is this the sickest film in America?
  82. Newark watershed waste and abuse
  83. Long-time Newark Activist - Frank Hurtz
  84. Adam Zipkin, Newark's Newest Deputy Mayor, Touts Downtown Development
  85. Christie Plans to Remake NJ Supreme Court to change Abbott Funding
  86. “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
  87. Newark - Third Worst Run City in the US
  88. Newark ranked 3rd WORST run City by MSN Money
  89. Booker, Officials to Host Community Event re: Financial Relief for Newarkers
  90. Welfare: A White Secret
  91. Good to Know Newark's Politicians Have Their Facts Right
  92. OT: Where Factitious Economics Meets Fatuous Groupthink
  93. OT: David Brooks - Where Are the Liberals?
  94. Someone is stealing NewarkSpeaks posts
  95. OT: Speaker Oliver calls for increase to minimum wage
  96. OT: School Board Elections May Move from April to November
  97. The Urban Hope Act -- A new opportunity to take Newark schools out of public hands
  98. WARNING! Newarkspeaks May Be Infecting Your Computer!
  99. First Look: Chris Christie on Oprah's Next Chapter - OWN TV
  100. Bloomberg to Host Fund-Raiser for Newark's Booker
  101. Well The Political Jockeying is About to Begin
  102. Why Zuckerberg Can't Fix the System
  103. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  104. Petition Against Elnardo Webster's role as Counsel to Newark Watershed
  105. Mayor Cory Booker: I’m Too Busy to Take a Train
  106. Chester/Upland School District
  107. NJ Senator Rice Defends Rafael Brito
  108. Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali
  109. Where did Cory hide Jennifer Stone-Barton?
  110. Gayle tells CB he Twitters too much!
  111. Another Life Selfishly Stolen
  112. Murder Murder Murder
  113. Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! I've Been SHOT!
  114. I have A Logistical Question
  115. Christie's State of the State
  116. OT: Obama and the Pipeline
  117. The "Rhombus" Shows Another Side 15% Mitt's Tropical Treasure Trove
  118. Christie's Message to Cassandra Dock
  119. Planetarium Shows
  120. Newark Native Cory Booker
  121. Etta James Passes Away
  122. Obama: "Let's Stay Together!"
  123. Senseless Killing Leaves Newark Family Heartbroken
  124. Baby Found with Mouse in Mouth at Daycare
  125. Jints (Giants) Win! Nice!!!
  126. MUST READ: How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work
  127. DiVincenzo used campaign funds for non-campaign expenses
  128. Booker Cuts Electric Power to Occupy Newark; Movement Petitions Against
  129. No slate for adubato
  130. OT-Navy SEALs raid rescues Somalia aid workers
  131. UMDNJ to Change
  132. Newark Crime Report
  133. Newark's Level of Gang-Related Murders Among Highest in the Nation
  134. Newark must turn over list of e-mails regarding Facebook donations
  135. Shootout at Broad/Branford
  136. NWCDC is a rogue agency that has seized power over the Newark's water supply
  137. Liquor store run by Supreme Court nominee's family settles with federal authorities
  138. OT - The Barnes and Noble Bookstore’s Last Stand
  139. Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corp (NWCDC)
  140. Rest In Peace Don Cornelius
  141. Newark-based organization sued over alleged misuse of funds meant for afterschool act
  142. OT MF Global Missing Funds Reportedly Found
  144. You have a right to film the police
  145. Teen Party Borders on Sexual Exploitation
  146. O/T I found this fascinating...
  147. Ron Rice jr. vs. donald patne
  148. Newark Supt. to announce closing of 7 failing schools
  149. 3 Ways Facebook Plans to Exploit Users
  150. Booker best bud Rabbi Shmuel Boteach is running for Congress as a Republican
  151. Carjack City!
  152. Newark Schools Won't Get Rich on Facebook IPO
  153. Would-be phone thief dies after trying to rob former high school wrestler
  154. Di Ionno: In Newark, a city racked by teen violence is all too fa
  155. It's 10pm -- Where I Can Eat in My Hood?
  156. New Show on thenewarkcitizen.com
  157. Circus Science
  158. Cory Booker & Gay Marriage Debate
  159. Cory Booker and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Gearing Up For Kosher Jesus Party Tonight
  160. Stanford Picks NJ Mayor Booker for Commencement Speaker
  161. Guyton Callahan American Legion Post #152 Annual Dinner
  162. Appointee for failed Newark water agency spent $16K to pay ex-husband
  163. Newark to break ground on long-awaited Teachers Village
  164. OT: New Jersey Gets Waiver for NCLB
  165. MUST SEE : "A Valentine for the People: Tributes to Social Justice" 2/15/12
  166. Cory Booker and Chris Christie: Teachers Should Live in Downtown Newark
  167. Congressman Payne has Colon Cancer
  168. Education Gap Grows Between Rich and Poor, Studies Say
  169. The Community Gun
  170. For Whitney
  171. For Newark City Council, a fat budget in lean times
  172. City Council Hearing of Citizens Thursday February 16 at 6:30 pm.
  173. Entitlement White-Wash: Subsidized Tea Partiers Blame Poor, Others for Debt/Deficit
  174. Newark Mayor Sharpe James remembering Whitney Houston
  175. Confirmation meeting for Cerf
  176. Administration declares war on City Council
  177. Occupiers Evicted Last Night
  178. FYI
  179. What are they hiding?
  180. Cory Booker: Potential Dem Candidate for President in 2016?
  181. Gayle, You told the truth at last night's council meeting
  182. Administration calls Unions in to announce more Layoffs....
  183. Newark man killed in drive-by shooting Friday night
  184. New Show on TheNewakCitizen.com
  185. Booker reinstates water agency in tight Newark budget
  186. 2012 Municipal Budget
  187. Just Curious
  188. Hector Corchado
  189. Newark Police allowed NYPD to spy on Muslims
  190. City of Newark Web site hacked
  191. Why are not the People Given Their Just Do, When Seeking To Be Heard?
  192. This Is Why They Changed How Citizens Speak @ Council Meetings
  193. Booker Brings down the House at Colorado Dem Dinner
  194. What's It Going to Take?
  195. Petition: STOP Privatization of our Water
  196. Wall Street Manipulation Jacks Up Gas Prices
  197. MUA is not a “revenue-generating idea”.
  198. Baraka SPEAKS! (but says nothing)
  199. Booker's PR
  200. Booker Meets with Asbury Park Press
  201. Come out and Join the State of the City Protest
  202. Booker at Crossroads
  203. Panel on Policing - March 14, 6-8 pm
  204. Booker: all dressed up...but nowhere to go
  205. Congressman Payne
  206. I am asking the City Council to support this proposed Legislation...
  207. The Prop Booker used during the election Burned down
  208. New Show on thenewarkcitizen.com
  209. Father of Six Gunned Down in Alleged Robbery of Newark Pizzeria
  210. NJ Mayor Booker an Inspiration for all Leaders
  211. Booker on MSNBC
  212. Booker Launches Newark Jobs Connect
  213. SL Editorial: Approve Booker's Water Plan
  214. Suitcase containing human remains found in Newark
  215. Booker: How to Save the World with your Bare Hands
  216. R.I.P. Congressman Payne!
  217. Here Is the Law regarding appointments of Vacant elected seats
  218. Here we go, they couldn't even wait until he was buried!!
  219. NYT Article: Newark's Teachers Village
  220. Ras running for Mayor
  221. Person shot, injured, blocks from downtown Newark
  222. A congressional seat is NOT an heirloom
  223. UMDNJ: 'Hot spots' of HIV infection remain
  224. OT-Judges orders millions paid in NYC firefighter bias case
  226. councilman....
  227. Joan Whitlow on Booker vs Council
  228. Superintendent Cami Anderson needs support to make change in Newark schools
  229. Mayor Cory Booker has to go.
  230. revisions to Open Public Meetings Act
  231. British Prime Minister Cameron to Visit Newark
  232. In 2011, N.J. law department paid $54M to settle lawsuits
  233. Mayor Booker doesn't know when politics is not appropriate
  234. Newcomer to Take on Fontoura in June
  235. Why I told my kids don't put me in a nursing home
  236. The number one reason to reelect President Obama
  237. Booker to do Keynote at Hampton's Class of 2012
  238. Ron Rice Jr. makes it official!
  239. In Pursuit of Cory Booker | Urban Faith
  240. Booker to Present Max Rosenn Lecture at Wilkes University
  241. Shmuley Boteach: Michael Jackson’s Rabbi Is Running for Congress
  242. Nia Gill is In!
  243. Donald Payne, Jr. is in!
  244. Booker: Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
  245. Who is Nia Gill?
  246. I hate my Generation Politics!!
  247. John Sharpe James Jr. to Seek Newark City Council Seat
  248. Excellent anti-MUA Article
  249. Really Moved by the Loss of Trayvon Martin
  250. Booker's 55 Top Accomplishments in 5 years