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  1. Is Tough-Talking Chris Christie Soft on Crime?
  2. 20 Questions for "Team Booker for Newark Party Line Members" Who Want to Be Mayor
  3. Poll: Does Cory Booker Tweet too much?
  4. OT: Report Released by The State Budget Crisis Taskforce
  5. Election Day Voter Registration In New Jersey
  6. OT - Capitol One Credit Card Fraud
  7. OT: Only the Little People Pay Taxes ~ Leona Helmsley
  8. OT: Bachman Says the Muslim Brother has "Infiltrated American Government"
  9. Thank Goodness Somebody is Watching
  10. Whitten gets six months in jail
  11. NJCAEF’s new financial education program for Veterans
  12. Credit Unions and Community Owned Banks, How They Can Help Newark's Economic Outlook.
  13. Cerf to get hearing? NOT WORTHY OF OUR TRUST
  14. Farrakhan Enlists Nation of Islam to Stop Chicago Gun Violence
  15. Department of Justice: Newark Misused COPS Grant
  16. House music fest
  17. $140 water bill paid late almost cost man home
  18. Newark City Council nixes Mayor Cory Booker's water plan
  19. Corrections officer fatally shoots carjacker, and one person dies in separat shooting
  20. Camp Steve attempts to install Deborah Terrell as Council At-Large
  21. Booker Gives Away Ending of Batman Movie to Twitter Fans
  22. Who Should Fill Donald Payne's At-Large-Council Seat?
  23. Booker May Run for Governor or U.S. Senate
  24. Facebook Shares Plunge
  25. Study shows N.J. wealthy flourish despite rough economy
  26. Booker on the road again!
  27. Christie under attack in Asbury
  28. Who Own's Sterling Security
  29. We Must Re-Structure the way Tax Abatements Are Issued
  30. Education Solutions Through Community Empowerment..
  31. Booker calls on Newark council members to approve MUA measure at Wednesday meeting
  32. Do you feel Safer In Newark Since The Installation of New Police Brass??
  33. NJDOE/Broad Foundation Connection Revealed by ELC
  34. OT: 700 Million Folks without Power in India (No Rioting)
  35. OT: 16 Months Until Re-Election and Not ONE Chickencrat has Announced
  36. Obama leads Romney in Three Swing States
  37. San Bernardino files for bankruptcy
  38. OT: Gabby Douglas wins GOLD
  39. Christie shoots one across the bow at Booker
  40. Just curious... If Newark's Mayoral Election was held now...
  41. Council Grants Booker Aide Tax Abatement
  42. Newark's Blues, another Huffington Post story that gives Booker a pass
  43. Murder in West side park
  44. I predict Chris Christie will be Mitt Romney Vp candidate!
  45. The infection Is Spreading Norcross Is In Northern New Jersey, to stay?????
  46. If you see Cory . . .
  47. Booker's warning shot to the council
  48. Got my #waywire invitation today
  49. WSJ: After Miscue, Refined Role For Booker
  50. Booker on CNN's P.Morgan @9 tonight
  51. The fluff Stories for Booker gets deeper!
  52. N.J. loses more jobs than any other state in July; unemployment rate is 4th highest
  53. OT - steal 1.2 billion no charges. Steal slice of pizza 25 to life!
  54. Booker's open political future stirs pot of potential candidates in Newark
  55. OT: Missouri Republican claims 'legitimate rape' rarely results in pregnancy
  56. Booker Gets Midnight Manicure/Pedicures
  57. OT: Condi Rice Joins Augusta National
  58. Facebook: Investors call for Zuckerberg to step aside
  59. OT: Romney and his family are OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY!
  60. Sharpe Fined
  61. Du Jour: Cory Booker
  62. Booker gets to speak at DNC Convention....
  63. OT: $320 Sneakers?? Are you kidding me?
  64. Respect to Brother Baraka and his Efforts, Support today if you can
  65. OT: Camden Scraps its Police Department
  66. OT: NYT's Paul Krugman on Chris Christie
  67. 9 Murders and 37 Hurt in Weekend Shootings in Chicago...
  68. Want to Fix Newark's Schools, Integrate Them.
  69. petition certified
  70. Chris Christie Pulls A Booker w/the Key Note Address
  71. Juan Williams was right! Ann Romney's hardship stories were not believable
  72. Newark "Save Our Water" Moves Forward.
  73. Chris Matthews Smacks Priebus on GOP Race Card
  74. OT: Romney and Bain's Job-Killing "Bust Ups"
  75. OT:Clint Eastwood delivers surprise, rambling speech at Republican convention
  76. OT: Juan Williams "Ann Romney A Corporate Wife Whose 'Husband Takes Care Of Her"
  77. Another Useless Violence Protest Today?
  78. OT: Romney Speech
  79. McCarthy is kicking BUTT in Chicago!
  80. Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?
  81. Newark mayor Booker misspells president's name in ad
  83. Booker's Latest Attention Grabbing Stunt: Sprained Ankle!
  84. Another Stupid Logistic Question
  85. Is Booker finally growing a pair?
  86. A Blueprint on how to destroy the Black Race, P.W. Botha former S. Africa President
  87. Did Booker blow up the Democratic Platform
  88. Morning mystery Booker glossy highlights call for a 'promotion'
  89. N.J. Sen. Rice calls for feds to look into state control of Newark, Jersey City
  90. "I'm no longer a candidate, I'm the president!"
  91. Moran: Are Booker and Christie friends or foes?
  92. Ex-FBI agent admits getting unauthorized information for friend
  93. O/T Trenton Mayor Alleged to Have Taken Bribes
  94. OT- Chicago Teachers' Strike
  95. Newark Police: Down; Christie's Executive Payroll: Up, 14%
  96. Fascinating Study on Dads' Life and the Effects on Children -- Not what you think
  97. Booker's Travels Continue...SF to Promote Waywire Site
  98. African American junior tennis player told she's too fat
  99. Virtual charters bring scandals, poor track record to NJ
  101. 5 reasons (no pun intended) why Booker could beat Christie
  102. Hispanic Heritage programs at Newark Library
  103. IT Person!
  105. Instead of Reporting on the Water, NY Media Totes Another Senseless Murder
  106. Gov. Christie's budget mess won't be solved by attacks
  107. Bloomberg Escalates the War on Fat People
  108. Newark Bodega Owners Demand Bulletproof Vests
  109. BCDC needs to be audited!
  110. Looks Like Residents are Better At Running Newark than the Elected Officials...
  112. Today (Sep 17) Mitt Romney Lost the Election
  113. Booker, The Weight Watcher?
  114. Ron Salahuddin gets sentenced today.
  115. ACLU-NJ Releases Report on Prosecutory Conduct
  116. High-rise near NJPAC in Newark delayed, downsized
  117. Newark man charged with killing 16-year-old
  118. How High is Unemployment, Mama? 9.9 and Rising...
  119. OT: From Corner Entrepreneur to Legit Business
  120. Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt -- A Must Read
  121. Brick City Hamlet
  122. Free Film Making Classes for students
  123. One of the Best Documentaries on Challenges of Urban Education EVER!
  124. One Killed, Three Wounded in Newark Restaurant
  125. Solve water, sewer problems now
  126. The Truth Behind the Essex County Patronage Pit
  127. Christie: N.J. will help Newark with budget dilemma after city cuts spending
  128. Bronique McLeod, 24, Mom, Murdered
  129. Obama got his a$$ kicked tonight...
  130. Sharpe James Makes Push for His Son for Council Seat
  131. Gov. Christie keeps promise to cut Newark aid; city will receive $10M
  132. Newark student stabbed
  133. BCDC received 40 Million dollars of Newark's tax payer Money!
  134. (Definitely) On Topic: The Lie Factory: How Politics Became a Business
  135. Essex County Employees File Grievance for Harassment
  136. OT: Army suspends $33 million in business with Republican Assemblyman
  137. Gov. Christie defends use of out of state security as he prepares to campaign for Mit
  138. Booker mulling union agreement in Newark, but tradesmen say it may not be enough
  139. Cory Booker the subject of yet another documentary...
  140. Mildred Crump: Give Me Newark Schools' Budget So I Can Loot That Too.
  141. Christie Defends Newark Residents at Town Hall Meeting
  142. Gus Heningburg RIP
  143. Budget Passes
  144. Will my folks in the Prosecutor office please send me the Murder count for Newark!
  145. Cory Booker on Colbert Report
  146. Newark high school student opens fire on football player; bullet grazes teenage girl
  147. Newark Teachers- Headed for Change?
  148. Now, When Your Own Party Labels You a Failure, Why Is This Even A Race?
  149. OT: Pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  150. Bloody Night in Newark: Six Shot Within Two Hours
  151. Presidential Debate Tonight
  152. Family Fun Fest Nov. 3 at Newark Library
  153. Newark Veterans Job Fair
  154. Colin Powell Endorses Obama For President (AGAIN!!)
  155. Family Fitness & Nutrition Festival
  156. No October Surprise...Just Benghazi
  157. Be Safe People
  158. Library closed through Nov 3
  159. Museum Open
  160. If you are in need of a meal or would like to help
  161. OT:watch-a-terrifying-glimpse-into-the-mind-of-a-romney-supporter
  162. Gas
  163. Vote by Mail Ballots at County Clerk's Office
  164. East Orange residents feeling abandoned!
  165. A Great Day For Democracy
  166. Booker May Run for Governor; but First Must Clear it with Lady Gaga's People...
  167. Rocky Montain High
  168. When Is Payne's Last Day?
  169. Police Scanner
  170. Lawrence O'Donnell's Advice to Freshmen Senators
  171. Booker: A Hot Pocket in Every Microwave
  172. Winners and Losers from Presidential Election
  173. Fema Contractor fires 1500 Newarkers in less than a week!
  174. Robert "Cheat" Academy?: Too Many Erasures on "Proficient" Students Tests, State says
  175. What America Needs Now: Clinton/Booker 2016
  176. Your Imaginary Boyfriend: Cory Booker
  177. Hump Day Hottie: Cory Booker
  178. Luis quintana
  179. Corzine's Behind MF Global's Crime
  180. For All Those Who Wants To Be Mayor, Your Record Matters
  181. Boehner Can't Help But Ask, Where did you get that Bow Tie?
  182. NYT Editorial: School Reform in Newark
  183. A Mightier Wind: CB's December Decision to Run for Gov Waylaid by Sandy (Really?!)
  184. OT- Please tell me I'm not the only one...
  185. Wanted: Councilman at Large!
  186. The Tarnished Legacy of Steve Adubato, Sr.
  187. Is this the future of Urban Policing in New Jersey?
  189. Even in Death Daddy still paying the Rent!
  190. Message to the Camp Adubato!
  191. Devils Feud: Judge Rules Against Newark in Arbitration Appeal
  192. Grandstanding W/Cory Booker
  193. Ramos is a Dog
  194. Chaos erupts at Newark City Hall meeting
  195. President Lincoln On Thansgiving
  196. I want Director Demaio to know, I am aware of his orders to slow up my release!
  197. Ramos and Booker Newark Heros
  198. Okay I suggest if they want Speight out they should want Muhhummad Out
  199. Mildred Crump and Darrin lives in a boarding house shariff
  200. If Ramos is a Dog, then mildred is frog and shariff is a lamb
  201. What preceeded the Council riot.
  202. Green Street Prison must be shut down Now!
  203. The Fifth Vote
  204. A Plague on ALL their Houses
  205. Now What?
  206. Is This A Resignation Letter of A Woman Who Learned Alot From Her School Board Post?
  207. Good Morning NewarkSpeaks Family
  209. Family Fun Fest Dec. 1 at Newark Library
  210. NWO Networking With Others
  211. Daily Kos: In Midst of Publicity Stunt Real Cory Booker Shines Through
  212. So is Mrs. Speight a Newark Councilmember or What?
  213. Christie 53% - Booker 34% (Rutgers Poll)
  214. Newark Charters Among Nation's Best
  215. Sister City - Mayor Uses Same Tactics
  216. See the truth for yourselves
  217. Essex Dems Not Ripped (about Booker)
  218. Walmart coming to newark??
  219. NYT: As Companies Seek Tax Deals Governments Pay High Price
  220. Losers of the Week: Counter & J. Sharpe
  221. Pearl Harbor Day Ceremony
  222. Get Off the Hampster Wheel Please
  223. Oral Sex Depicted in Artwork Arouses Controversy
  224. Poverty Pimpin' Made Easy!: Booker's Silly Food-Stamp Challenge
  225. Newark Video Taping Case Results in Changes
  226. Sharpe James has sharp words about Cory Booker
  227. Did a judge order a re-vote on the City Council replacement?
  228. Do Over-- If there is a do over for the Council At Large seat
  229. Was Mrs. Speight Voted in or Out?
  230. The Hispanic population
  231. Its Time For A Real Black Coalition On The Newark Municipal Council
  232. Holiday Laser Spectacular
  233. Booker starving but saving lives
  234. Principal Baraka is responsible for Newark's graduation increases!
  235. Newark Boys Chorus Entertains Morristown Medical Center
  236. Mo Butler: Booker's Behind the Scenes Guy
  237. OT: R.I.P Labor Unions (1886-1912)
  239. Judge rules Cory Booker did not have authority to vote for open Newark council seat
  240. Newark Mayor's Office: seating Speight blocked Sharpe James's son
  241. Will It Be Baraka or Rice for Mayor in 2014?
  242. Is this the beggining of the end of the Essex County Machine?
  243. Oliver Street School to Get New $38.8M Facility
  244. New Astros manager is first Newark native to head MLB club in 112 years
  245. Je's Closing Their Doors
  246. In Midst of Publicity Stunt Real Cory Booker Shines Through
  247. Cory Booker Has "Frozen" State Dem Party
  248. Booker: Acclaimed Nationally but Still Slogging in Newark
  249. Promise vs. Reality in Newark on Mayor’s Watch
  250. Ukraine (Could be Newark) Parliament Fight Sends Several Members to the Hospital !!