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11-11-2004, 03:17 PM
I know about the college ball that will come down here, but what I am saying is that the deal would have worked out better for everyone had the Nets been involved in the final stages of the Arena Project.

1: The Nets probably would have stayed in tack due to the fact that the Rat king (Ratner) would not have ownership of the team. Had the Nets had a buyer who was willing to keep them in Jersey...They would have definitely move to Newark and more than likely keep the team as is. The rat king is trying to save overhead cost so that he can continue and build his empire of a real estate business. He knows nothing about basketball and that's what pissed me off. Also, what I don't get is how can you make all of these basketball and team decisions if you haven't paid for the team yet.. (That's another topic).

2: The city would have benefited, because The Nets could have split some of the cost that the city has to now endure. Sure the nets bottom line in several years have shown red, but so has the devils. Let's face it...but this is a basketball and football area. When was the last time you saw a brother wearing a Broduer Jersey (How many people on this forum knows who that is). The amount of revenue would have easily doubled if the basketball market was fulfilled.

3: The property owners in Brooklyn would have been happy as well...They are going through the same thing the Mulberry St. folks will soon go through as far as eminent domain is concerned. They don't want a staduim taking away their caribbean resturants and shops...its not like their bringing in soccer.

Personally, I just think that bringing in a professional baskeball team to Newark would have made the deal that much more appealing to a lot of people and for many individual reasons. The Nets could have been a great commadity to this state and especially this city.

11-11-2004, 04:24 PM
Can someone please tell Verizon to take the Newark/Nets Banner off of their building on William St? :)

11-16-2004, 12:19 PM
Law & Order
Crackdown continues on after-hours clubs
Tuesday, November 16, 2004
NEWARK: Police continued a crackdown over the weekend on businesses that sell alcohol without a license.

The latest culprits, located on Joseph Street, were an after- hours dance club and The Family Restaurant, said Lt. Derek Glenn, a city police spokesman.

He said Hilda Cruz, 49, of Newark was arrested Saturday for illegally selling alcohol at the Family Restaurant, where police confiscated 31 bottles of Corona beer, Bacardi rum and $85.

At 4 a.m. Sunday, Glenn said police made three arrests at an after-hours club a few blocks away from the restaurant.

He said police charged Michael Murillo, 31, of Kearny; Max Canve, 34, of Harrison; and Ricardo Perez, 34, of Newark with selling alcohol without a license.

Canve also was charged with possession of 11 bags of cocaine, marijuana and Ecstasy. A .38-caliber weapon was recovered in a flower pot at the club along with $830.

Glenn said the department's vice section set up surveillance on Joseph Street after neighborhood residents complained about the club and the restaurant.

11-17-2004, 10:48 AM
This is a waste of police resources. If and I said if the NPD went after everyone they knew to be committing vice crimes in the city I would give them more respect. They pick and choose who they want to prosecute for such crimes. Selling alcohol without a license in Newark is a city ordinance violation. Selling alcohol without a license is only protecting other licensees, not the public.

In addition, the enforcement of these crimes are done to those who are not chummy, chummy with the powers that be.

Example: Many "private clubs" in the city do qualify for Club Licenses to legally sell alcohol to it's members. Many social, fraternal or religious non-profit organizations within Newark could qualify for a such a license. My research has proven that many have applied (especially Black Organizations) and have been denied. However, a few of these club licenses do exist in the Ironbound section (Club Acores on Wilson Ave. is just one). If you do not have political connects, you don't get one.

Also there are many clubs in the city that do not possess a club license to sell or serve alcohol but who sell alcohol openly without prosecution and have been doing so for decades. Not only do they sell alcohol illegally but they also advertise the sell of alcohol publically which is definately illegal for those without a license. This means that they know that they are "protected" and will not be prosecuted by the NPD.

So when I read stuff like this it always makes me laugh.

Oh and one more thing, did you read in the article how the neighbors complained about a restaurant selling alcohol (really??) As I have said before this is the tactic the NPD uses to get fake probable cause to enter and/or apply for a search warrant to enter these places. Ask for proof of the complaint, it won't exist.