View Full Version : Gov Codey will turn his back on Newark!

11-20-2004, 08:28 PM
Acting Governor Dick Codey has made it a priority to keep the teams in the Meadowlands and is ready to open the state treasury to build a new stadium for the Giants. He's also involved in talks to keep the Nets at CAA "if Brooklyn isn't done by 2007". That would mean either major arena renovations or a completely new facility, most likely to be paid by us. Wanna bet the Governor has contacted the Devils about giving up their proposed move to Newark? Two years ago, Senate President Codey, was pro Newark arena. Now,I guess as Governor, he has to cater to the "Newark Haters Club of NJ" for his re-election campaign. Also, some of his recent speeches suggested "Continental Arena must be competetive with the Newark Arena" and "The Nets, the Jets, and the Devils are leaving". Ahem, the Devils are staying in NJ! Newark is part of Nj, isn't it? I don't like what I'm seeing or reading, lately> :( :(