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12-13-2004, 05:31 PM
Draft: Dropping the F-Bomb of Freedom
By Cross, Brian

Like it or not, the United States has launched a multi-front war against terrorism. As a result of the Sept. 11 attacks, our President has engaged the armed forces in an all-out war to bring those responsible to justice and deny them safe haven by confronting nations who harbor and give aide to them.

The men and women of the US military have fought bravely all over the globe, from the mountains of Afghanistan to the jungles of the Philippines to the deserts of Iraq. More then 1,100 men and women have given their lives and nearly 10,000 have been wounded in the struggle to bring security to Iraq. Our army overseas in Iraq consists of nearly 40 percent National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers.

As a result of this ongoing conflict, the armed forces have developed a serious problem: they are running out of people. The men and women of the National Guard and the Army Reserve are being called out in numbers to fill the gaps that our active military is unable to do. We no longer have enough volunteers to maintain prolonged conflicts and endure long occupations.

The US has not instituted a draft since the Vietnam era, when nearly two million men were called to duty to serve their time, but the fact of the matter is it's time to start again.

The conflict in Iraq will not stop anytime soon; George W. Bush has been re-elected for a second term and has no plans of pulling our troops out right away. The US government is bolstering the number of troops to 150,000, by sending over more units and keeping those whose tours of duty are already up, forcing them to stay longer than expected. Army sergeant Marvin Lee Trost in the 82nd airborne division was serving his third tour of duty in Iraq when he was killed this week. Tell his wife and kids that we don't need a draft.

How fair is it that the men and women who volunteered to fight for their country are the only ones paying the price? Constantly, they are being called upon to put their lives in danger while the rest of us here at home continue on with our lives.

Our nation has pledged itself to stabilize the situation in Iraq and as we have seen, the Iraqis are not ready to handle the security situation on their own. As Americans we find ourselves morally responsible to ensure that we fix the problem in Iraq, because we won't cut our losses and run as Spain did.

However, we need more men and women to do the job. The army can't keep up with its quotas for enlistments; the National Guard and the reserves are also finding themselves empty as they try to refill their ranks.

The army has instituted stop-loss measures to prevent their volunteer army from disappearing - this keeps troops who have done their duty for their nation and served the time they promised from getting out. It keeps those troops who volunteered to fight for our freedom from enjoying the lives they want after doing their civic duty. Perhaps the time has come for the US to reinstitute the draft.

The idea of mandatory military service is not uncommon in the world today. Nations like France, Israel and Spain all have compulsory military service, so that is not just volunteers who are shouldering the burden of their nation's military defense and foreign policy commitments, but the civic duty of all the citizens.

These nations recognize the benefits of their military service: they are in the best shape of their lives, taught basic self-defense and discipline, and it puts a sense of pride in the people of having done their part for the nation. Are any of these aspects so terrible that our nation couldn't follow in these footsteps to require everyone to do their part in the protection of our freedom?

Many of our fathers and grandfathers did their part in World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam, why can't our generation pick up our rifles and do our part to fight in the war against terrorism? Our troops are doing their part; it's time for the rest of us to follow suit.

It's completely unfair that our troops are being kept in the service long after they've done their part. It is time for America to share the responsibility, not just those who volunteered, but everyone. We need to start a draft to ease the burden on those who have already decided to go, and are having to go back two or three times.

We can't stand by and watch as our government bullies them around and keeps them because they are all the US has left. It's time for more Americans to answer the call; it's time for us to take up arms, and it's time to bring back the draft.

I, for one, will not stand by and wait for the administration to institute this policy, which seems more and more inevitable each day; I am enlisting in the Marine Corps on Jan. 10, to do my part for America. I am doing my part for my family, my countrymen, those who are still fighting for the second or third time, and for those who have already given their lives in the name of our freedom.

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First of all, I'm not volunteering for any country that's going to put me at risk the way this president has. What is the point of the United Nations, what is the point of having allies if all you are going to do is not listen to them. Yeah true...it is messed up that all those soldiers are losing their lives for something that is bigger than themselves, but I can't sympathize enough to put myself in their shoes. I lost a close friend of mine in this war, and to this day I feel as though it was a complete waste...

Let me make it clear...I'm not in disagreement with the war itself, but by the means it took to get their is what pissed me off. Bush went out their like he was some damn cowboy going to s showdown. Poor Tony Blair because he really didn't want to go war in that particular situation, but trying to be a good guy and believing the hype that the bushes were singing....

My answer to Mr. Brian Cross...if you want to volunteer...by all means go for it, but don't try and force your mistaken ideologies on people who know better.

It is shame that the current soldiers are being spread so thin, but not waiting for the UN and their decisions forced our Allies to take a step back...they weren't punks....they were smart and followed correct protocol.

My heart goes out to all families and friends of our soldiers...Keep your head up out there, and as I won't physically join you in your fight....I fighting as hard as I can over her on your behalf..

12-14-2004, 02:56 PM

I don't think so...

Sure i know, recruitment levels are down, way down....but do you punish the guys and gals who volunteered their time....

Where's the cries of breach of Contract....?

I wonder how their contracts read???

Anyone know?