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Default Rev. Dwight Gill arrested for Identify Theft

did anyone see the my9news report last evening on the on going investigation of this pastor of New Hope Baptish Church in East Orange. Has anyone followed this story?
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Originally Posted by koolina
did anyone see the my9news report last evening on the on going investigation of this pastor of New Hope Baptish Church in East Orange. Has anyone followed this story?

Nothing new. This has been going on for more than a year.
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really amazing that he has been able to remain at this church with such a black cloud around him, it never ends.
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Default All in the name of God! Beware of these Fake Prophets!

The blog makes that point by referencing an article in The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J. about how Rev. Dwight Gill of New Hope Baptist Church in East Orange was arrested and charged with identity theft, along with his wife.

The story reported that Gill, leader of the church for more than a decade, was a pillar of the community, serving as president of the United Clergy of the Oranges and having a long record of civic and political involvement.

Specifically, police there said the pastor and his wife were charged with two counts of fraudulent credit cards, one count of identity theft and theft of services.

East Orange Deputy Chief Ronald Borgo wouldn't elaborate on the nature of Gill's alleged scheme or whether members of his congregation were among the victims, the newspaper reported. Borgo didn't know how long Gill and his wife allegedly had the credit cards or how much was charged.

The newspaper reached Gill at his home, but he wouldn't comment directly on the charges.

"I'd like to just say that God is good," he told the Star-Ledger, "and I hope through prayer that we can work this situation out."

Wherever the thief may lurk, the blog offered suggestions on how individuals can protect themselves. One way is for enterprises to embrace two-factor authentication.

"Identity thieves are coming up with innovative ways to gain entry into systems that house your data cracking passwords using dictionary attacks, rainbow tables, or social engineering techniques," the blog said, adding that organizations "can prevent this intrusive occurrence" by adopting some form of two-factor authentication, where individuals are required to type in a password or pin number and also provide an additional form of identification.

The blog said this can be in the form of devices users can carry, like a card or token, or by using something like a fingerprint or iris scan.
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